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Medical travel can be challenging.

Confused about the right treatment plan?
Travel hiccups?
Hidden Costs?
An unexpected requirement at the destination….

We help you solve these problems.

Treatment Planning

Here at Makewell, you will play an integral part of treatment planning, which will not only help you get acquainted with the medical system of the country you are traveling to, but also give you a better understanding of your options as a patient. Treatment planning at Makewell will involve: Case file | Expert Reviews | Shared decision making | Proposal

Travel Planning & Assistance

Traveling is an integral part of seeking treatment abroad. As a patient you will tend to ignore travel related issues as your ailment and its treatment would take precedence in your thoughts. We administer complete assistance to our clients from ‘take off to landing’ by offering the following travel services: Travel planning | Travel booking | Travel literature | Visa guidelines

Financial Planning

We create an estimated budget for the entire trip based on your inputs and then take over your financial portfolio. All you have to do is wire over the estimated budget to us and we will look after your hospital bills, accommodation charges, transport costs, and any other payments on your behalf

Destination Management

Now, did we underestimate the importance of ground support after your touchdown at the destination, while seeking medical care abroad? While entering a new land, it helps to have someone to look after your basic needs that make life simpler. Could mean: Airport pickup & drop | Hospitalization | Case management | Concierge Services | Communication facilities

Post Medical Care

The importance of right care post medical treatment cannot be undermined. Recovery and recuperation play a crucial role in restoring you to your health. The precautions to be taken, self care instructions, and matters to be vigilant about post surgery, make up your recuperation guide, and is a must have information after any treatment. With Makewell you can avail of the following services post your treatment: Post procedure check-up | Consultations | Recuperation plan

How our clients feel about this…

Your difficult times are made easy with the support of dear ones. I will thank my case manager & the complete Makewell team for being just that for me when I was at my weakest. Ofcourse, final bow to my doctor for making it possible!!!

Ibrahim Sadiq

I am David Olusesan J. from Lagos, Nigeria. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip and was told I will need a Total Hip Replacement. Makewell assisted me in locating a great hospital in India. They also assisted me with visa application procedures which made it easy for me to acquire visa.

David Olusesan J

“I am very thankful to people who helped me heal both physically and emotionally and win a battle I believe I would have lost otherwise. Lastly, I am thankful to MY CANCER which redefined my life.”

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